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Limiting Eating Times Could Reduce Obesity & Diabetes

People who have obesity, high blood sugar, high blood pressure or high cholesterol are often advised to eat less and move more, but new research suggests there is another simple tool to fight off these diseases: restricting your eating time to a daily 10-hour window. Studies done in mice and...


3 Tools to Help You Empower Your Inner Climate Scientist

It can be hard to understand what all the climate change data means and what can actually be done to avoid the scariest potentials. That's why universities, nonprofits and businesses have started creating tools to help non-experts interact with their findings. "Research shows that showing people...


Do You Know Which Non-organic Foods Are Safe to Eat & Which Ones Aren’t?

The answer changes each year, but the Environmental Working Group (EWG) stays on top of the latest information and synthesizes it for you in it's annual Dirty Dozen™ and Clean Fifteen™ lists. Use EWG’s Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen lists to keep yourself, your family, and the environment safer...


Invitation to Grow & Move Forward

At any given moment you have a choice: Step forward into growth or step backward into safety. How do you know the difference? You can feel it in your body. Backward steps disguise themselves as "easy" because they're familiar feel just like they sound: regressing, stifling, or...


Does Eating Animals that Are Resistant to Antibiotics Increase the Human Risk for Antibiotic Resistance?

Flourishing antibiotic resistance is just one of the many public health crises influenced by factory farming, and all of them can be traced to the current "factory farm" approach to raising animals for food. This approach rewards "high stocking density," in which productivity is measured by how...


Americans Say 'We Only Trust Nurses to Fix the Healthcare Crisis'

THE COMMONWEALTH FUND, THE NEW YORK TIMES, and the HARVARD T.H. CHAN SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH released an interesting study called "AMERICANS’ VALUES AND BELIEFS ABOUT NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE REFORM" in October, 2019. A major finding of the study is that Americans trust nurses to improve the...